A universal challenge for non profits: Decision Making.

EmpoweringWorkPractices & Commongood Careers

In the Summer of 2010, Commongood Careers and EmpoweringWorkPractices conducted a survey to understand the current state of decision-making in the social sector.  The survey was conducted with over 200 non-profit professionals exposed some significant findings about career planning and decision-making in nonprofit organizations.

When staff is not involved in or aware of an organization’s decision‐making practices, they express confusion, disempowerment and dissatisfaction. And this can often leads to unfortunate and unintended consequences as illustrated by these revealing expressions by the survey participants:

“I left my last organization because of lack of clarity about my role and decision making capacity. As COO, my decisions were often undermined by the CEO.”

“I constantly feel like I am not empowered and challenged in my job. I don’t know how
big decisions are made and I am not at the table making decisions.”

“I am not allowed any opportunity to contribute to decisions about which I have
valuable information and/or perspective.”

“The lack of autonomy to make decisions has negatively impacted my job satisfaction

To learn more about the details of the survey and the implications for your organization, click this link.

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