How better decision making yields better results for GreatSchools.

How GreatSchools makes better decisions with EWP

I recently met with Bill Jackson the CEO of GreatSchools to review the progress his organization has made since the completion of the Decision Clarity training.

As a result of the work EmpoweringWorkPractices (EWP) did with GreatSchools they expanded the decision-making pool to 21 individuals who are now responsible for 71 complex and strategic decisions.

In our conversation, Bill commented on the impact that our Decision Clarity work has had on GreatSchools:

1. The GreatSchools staff, particularly the more senior leaders have become more skilled at advocating for and obtaining decision-making authority.

The GreatSchools organization has given increased decision-making responsibility to more people and that more “good stuff” has happened as a result of this change in the decision-making culture.

2. Bill thought that his overall team had increased their focus and that he benefitted from knowing who had the responsibility for the decisions before the organization.

3. The GreatSchools staff now routinely asks each other, “Who is responsible for this decision?” They are using the definitions of the DACI2 practice.

4. Bill advanced that a key benefit of the work has been that “When a new issue comes up, I’m much more likely to ask: ‘Who should make this decision?’ than to begin to discuss the issue itself. That has taken practice – as the founder and an entrepreneurially-minded leader, my first instinct is to dive right in to a topic and share my thinking.

Decision Clarity has helped me know that it is sometimes more important to clarify who makes decisions. Once we’ve identified the real decision-maker, then my words are more likely to carry the appropriate weight.”

We are very pleased that GreatSchools has benefitted from the EmpoweringWorkPractices Decision Clarity solution. And if you think your organization would benefit from creating greater clarity around its decision-making practices, share a comment in this post or send us an email to discuss your needs.

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