Decision Clarity comes to the “Best Policy” radio show

KDOW radio | EmpoweringWorkPractices

Steve Scheier, Founder and CEO of EmpoweringWorkPractices, will be appearing on the “Best Policy” Radio Show (KDOW 1220 AM) this Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 10AM.

How organizations find decision clarity

Steve will be engaging in an hour long conversation with host Jim McCabe. He will be sharing with Jim recent work at EmpoweringWorkPractices and how they have assisted organizations in improving their operations and effectiveness by addressing the challenges of decision-making, conflict resolution and employee/manager communication.

Join us on AirEmpoweringWorkPractices | KDOW Radio 1220AM

Please listen in on what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining show. And if you can, please post a comment or send feedback on the show and the content. We would love to hear from you!

An audio recording of the show will also be posted here after the show for your convenience. Listen in and we hope that you and your team have great Decision Clarity this Summer!

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