Who we are: A training and consulting company focused on social sector and for-profit entrepreneurial companies

What we do: We help create empowered and effective organizations that will achieve their missions, deliver consistent results, and scale.

Our Mission: Fueling organizational growth through solutions that generate candor, accountability, and results.

What we offer: Essential human capital management solutions including:


Decision Clarity

  • Clear decision-making processes that resolve organizational ambiguity
  • Better decisions made more quickly by the right people

Performance Clarity

  • Clear performance agreements
  • Direct and timely feedback for you, your staff and managers

Conflict Clarity

  • Conflicts quickly found, named and resolved

Our proven solutions develop the capacity of organizations to achieve their missions, deliver consistent results, and scale by:

  • Decreasing organizational and operational confusion around key processes
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and reducing employee attrition
  • Creating a collaborative environment to maximize fast, smart innovation

Custom Programs

  • Custom-tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of an organization