Let’s be clear about who is making the big decisions in your company.

Time to get clear on who's making the decisions in your company.

I’m always on the lookout for articles, podcasts and videos that address my passion: the art and science of decision-making. Who makes the decisions in organizations and why? How are decisions made? Why do some decisions work and why do some go bad? Some people are fascinated with the Twilight series. I think about decision-making.

The Challenges of Organizational Decision Making

Effects of organizational decision-making on people and resources.

The organizational decision-making process, at its best, involves the full utilization of all of the enterprise’s people and resources. Organizations that centralize their decision-making practices out of habit or a desire for control, do not fully utilize the talents of their people.

EmpoweringWorkPractices launches new web site & blog

EmpoweringWorkPractices new web site & blog designed, developed and produced by Teamworks Communications, Inc.

EmpoweringWorkPractices, LLC (EWP), a training and consulting company focused on social sector and for-profit entrepreneurial companies, just launched their new web site and blog. Designed to be a rich information repository and educational resource for both prospects and existing customers, this new online property also outlines the service offerings EWP provides.

A universal challenge for non profits: Decision Making.

EmpoweringWorkPractices & Commongood Careers

In the Summer of 2010, Commongood Careers and EmpoweringWorkPractices conducted a survey to understand the current state of decision-making in the social sector.  The survey was conducted with over 200 non-profit professionals exposed some significant findings about career planning and decision-making in nonprofit organizations.