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How decision making impacts your organization

Decision Clarity comes to the “Best Policy” radio show

KDOW radio | EmpoweringWorkPractices

Steve Scheier, Founder and CEO of EmpoweringWorkPractices, will be appearing on the “Best Policy” Radio Show (KDOW 1220 AM) this Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 10AM.

How to improve employee decision-making skills: Special Event

EmpoweringWorkPractices & Commongood Careers

Steve Scheier, CEO of EmpoweringWorkPractices, will conduct a presentation and interactive discussion at a special event for HR staff, CEOs, COOs, and VPs of social sector organizations.

Decision-Making Debacle at UC Davis

Consequences of bad decision making at UC Davis

Non-profit leaders often make implicit and explicit assumptions about the decision-making practices established and maintained in their organizations. These assumptions, some conscious and some unconscious, often create inefficiency, reduce innovation and blind these leaders to the effective utilization of their human capital resources.

How better decision making yields better results for GreatSchools.

How GreatSchools makes better decisions with EWP

I recently met with Bill Jackson the CEO of GreatSchools to review the progress his organization has made since the completion of the Decision Clarity training. As a result of the work EmpoweringWorkPractices (EWP) did with GreatSchools they expanded the decision-making pool to 21 individuals who are now responsible for 71 complex and strategic decisions.

Connecting Listening and Decision-Making

Better listening improves decision making

Part of our Decision Clarity work addresses the imperative of understanding and illuminating our client’s cultural attitudes about decision-making. All people and all organizations have unique biases on decision-making and they bring these perspectives to the organizations we work with.

Steve Scheier speaks on growing the Decision-Making skills of your employees

EWP Roundtable Event | Feb 8, 2012

Join Steve Scheier, CEO of EmpoweringWorkPractices, in a roundtable discussion on how non-profit organizations can grow the decision-making skills of their employees by identifying the six warning signs that concentrated decision-making is limiting innovation, stifling leadership development and increasing employee attrition.