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The Challenges of Organizational Decision Making

Effects of organizational decision-making on people and resources.

The organizational decision-making process, at its best, involves the full utilization of all of the enterprise’s people and resources. Organizations that centralize their decision-making practices out of habit or a desire for control, do not fully utilize the talents of their people.

EmpoweringWorkPractices launches new web site & blog

EmpoweringWorkPractices new web site & blog designed, developed and produced by Teamworks Communications, Inc.

EmpoweringWorkPractices, LLC (EWP), a training and consulting company focused on social sector and for-profit entrepreneurial companies, just launched their new web site and blog. Designed to be a rich information repository and educational resource for both prospects and existing customers, this new online property also outlines the service offerings EWP provides.

A universal challenge for non profits: Decision Making.

EmpoweringWorkPractices & Commongood Careers

In the Summer of 2010, Commongood Careers and EmpoweringWorkPractices conducted a survey to understand the current state of decision-making in the social sector.  The survey was conducted with over 200 non-profit professionals exposed some significant findings about career planning and decision-making in nonprofit organizations.