Social Sector References

“At GreatSchools, we’re more than halfway through the Decision Clarity [process] and we’ve learned that we are likely to benefit a great deal. Our work with EWP has shown us that we have not always been clear about which staff members should make which decisions and that junior staff members would like to have more opportunity to make decisions. EWP is helping us figure out how to achieve these changes so we can unlock the full potential of our staff. We will be a much stronger organization as a result.”

Bill Jackson
CEO | GreatSchools


“Working through the Decision Clarity work with the Empowering Work Practices team has been transformational for my team and organization. We are in a moment of change as we go from being a regional to a national organization and we have to find a new way to do the work. We now have a great new light shining on some areas that were gray and where decisions were swirling. We have shared language and agreement on how to operate going forward. Dozens of decision making responsibilities that weren’t actually well placed with me as the CEO are now with others in the organization. This will allow me to focus on the right things and to grow the organization. Steve has a wealth of experience and therefore allows everyone to see that some challenges are just normal growing pains. He mixes humor, metaphor and inspiring stories in with practical applications to achieve a successful outcome.”

Julie Castro Abrams
CEO | Women’s Initiative for Self Employment


“The work of Human Resources always gets to actual people – treating them with integrity and caring. There’s nobody in this business at a higher level in embracing those watchwords than Steve Scheier. When we worked together, he would ask “what do you want?” Then we’d figure out how to get there from here, with that integrity and caring as our vehicles.”

Dean Furbush
President | College Summit


” During my time in the social sector I’ve met and worked with many consultants. Steve Scheier is one of the best. I’ve seen him manage his way through difficult situations with integrity and humor. In his new consulting firm, EmpoweringWorkPractices, Steve is committed to using his skills, experience and insights to help organizations improve their decision-making skills, resolve conflict and provide timely and effective feedback to their staff. These practices will improve organizational performance and encourage organizations to scale.”

James Weinberg
Founder and CEO | Commongood Careers


“ I was fortunate to meet Steve Scheier 5 years ago when he was VP of HR at College Summit. He has advanced my thinking on human capital issues and advanced BUILD light years ahead from where we were.  He is insightful, compassionate and committed to making social sector organizations more effective. Since our first interaction I have consulted with Steve on numerous occasions. Steve’s thoughtful and passionate approach to enhancing organizational performance has greatly improved my thinking and BUILD’s efficiencies in this arena. Those organizations that get to work with Steve are, indeed, the lucky ones.”

Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, Esq.
CEO and Founder | BUILD