Client Results | Beta Pilot

During the summer of 2011, EmpoweringWorkPractices launched a beta pilot of our Decision Clarity practice in partnership with GreatSchools. Here are some of our preliminary results:

  • 13 Leadership team members interviewed
  • 53 staff members trained
  • Over 24 hours of dynamic, engaging skills-based training
  • Small group consulting planned with 14 different functional and cross-functional teams

At GreatSchools we’ve benefitted a great deal from the Decision Clarity process. Our work with EWP has shown us that we have not always been clear about which staff members should make which decisions and this has elongated our decision making processes.

It was clear from our Decision Clarity work that junior staff and middle managers would like to have more ability to make decisions. However, even senior staff are benefitting from this work.

Not long ago I met with a member of my team. I wanted to discuss with her my concerns about her approach to a particular challenge. After laying out my case she told me in a direct and respectful way that she disagreed with my assessment, provided me with ample evidence to support her perspective and insisted that her approach would be the most appropriate.

After reflecting on our discussion I realized she actually had articulated the right approach. I also realized that before the Decision Clarity work, she would never have advocated for this decision-making responsibility.

EWP has helped us figure out how to achieve improvements in our decision-making so that we can unlock the full potential of our staff. We are a much stronger organization as a result.”

Bill Jackson, Founder, CEO and President  |  GreatSchools

Other participants in our beta pilot workshop shared these views:

  • “Working in cross-functional teams reduces the day-to-day “silo” effect”
  • “Subject matter – the Decision Clarity idea – is a good one”
  • “Creating a vision statement for how decision-making can be improved is a great activity”
  • “Having lots of real data about our organization makes the discussion engaging”
  • “The discussion and exercises were good, particularly the exercises on the organizational survey.”
  • “Offered a new perspective on decision-making”
  • “We analyzed the survey data ourselves, it wasn’t boiled down for us”
  • “It’s becoming real and I can see the benefit of implementing the [Decision Clarity] solution”
  • “It confirmed my thoughts as to how we’re doing”
  • On-going evaluation of the Decision Clarity Beta Pilot will be based on the logic model we’ve outlined for the practice.