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Decision Clarity | Implementation

After the staff survey has been completed and all staff have participated in a Decision Clarity Workshop, EmpoweringWorkPractices transitions our interaction with our clients to a tailored, small-group consulting model. Our expert Human Resources facilitators meet with functional and cross-functional teams within the organization to develop Decision Clarity Grids (TM) that bring renewed clarity to the most important decisions for each group.

Why do we create Decision Clarity Grids? There are several reasons:

  1. No surprises. Everyone knows who is making the decision, who is advising the decision-maker, who will be consulted, and who will be informed.
  2. More informed decisions. Thoroughly analyzing stakeholders and assigning roles in important decisions ensures that the right voices will be included. Staff won’t have to operate in the dark when trying to make difficult decisions.
  3. Maximum appropriate involvement. People who can and should contribute to the decision are consulted.

Once completed and approved by senior leadership—again, with the expert support of our EWP consultant facilitators – the grids are published for the entire organization to see. The value of publishing the decision-making grids includes:

  • A complete understanding of who will make the key decisions in your organization and who will need to play a supportive role in the deliberation.
  • Eliminates all confusion in the environment

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