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Decision Clarity | Workshop

During the second phase of our interaction with clients, EmpoweringWorkPractices facilitates 1 six-hour or 2 three-hour training workshops for staff. These highly engaging and dynamic workshops, led by expert facilitators, create a safe space for learning about decision-making and building the skills necessary for moving organizations towards achieving Decision Clarity. At the core of this workshop is the data collected from the staff survey, which is used to understand the current state of decision-making and to develop visions for an improved future state. During the workshop, each staff member receives a Decision Clarity Toolkit, a workbook customized for your organization that provides all the information, data and templates they’ll need to participate in the entire Decision Clarity Process.

Workshop Objectives:

By participating in the workshop, participants will:

  • Differentiate between concentrated and distributed decision-making and discuss the motivations that propel each approach.
  • Identify and reflect on the current state of decision-making in their organization, assessing whether they are comfortable with the decision allocation that they currently possess or whether they and their organization would benefit from modifying their decision-making responsibilities
  • Envision a future state of decision clarity for their organization
  • Understand our method for analyzing and segmenting the most important decisions in their domain
  • Practice dividing the decisions they make into five clarifying categories
  • Discuss how to advocate for the extension or contraction of their decision-making scope
  • Learn how to fill out a Decision Clarity grid listing the key decisions within their approved purview
  • Understand EWP’s DACI 2 model, their role as decision-maker and the supportive roles of the “advisor”, “contributor” and the “informed”, and how all four roles work together as a decision-making team
  • Understand the importance of publishing decision-making responsibilities
  • Understand the veto right that the leadership team has on the final decision-making matrices

Staff members learn how to employ four core work processes for Decision Clarity:

  • Inventorying Decisions: How to identify the top decisions at each organizational level
  • Allocating Decisions: How to effectively distribute decisions throughout the organization
  • Assigning Responsibility levels: How to ensure that each staff member participates in decision-making appropriately
  • Communicating for Clarity: How to publish, share and update decision-making roles for maximum transparency

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