EWP Partners

Every EmpoweringWorkPractices engagement is about working together towards the same goal. It’s also about sharing the challenges and rewards that go hand in hand with helping organizations and individuals grow to achieve their full potential.
We’ve been fortunate to share engagements, partnerships and victories with these great brands.

CommonGood Careers

Commongood Careers

In June 2010, EmpoweringWorkPractices partnered with Commongood Careers to develop and deliver the Decision Allocation National Survey. The purpose of the survey was to gauge the attitudes of non-profit staff at all levels towards decision-making and career advancement in their organizations. 218 staff members from a wide variety of non-profit organizations responded to the survey, the results were used to inform the development of our Decision Clarity solution.

Great Schools

In the spring of 2011, EmpoweringWorkPractices partnered with GreatSchools to beta test the Decision Clarity practice. GreatSchools staff served as both clients and content development partners throughout all four phases of deploying the EWP Decision Clarity solution