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Decision Clarity

The Organizational Challenge

Our research has revealed that confusion about decision-making responsibilities negatively impacts many organizations.

Who needs Decision Clarity?

Organizations that might benefit from our Decision Clarity solution are those that experience one or more of the following:

  • Overly complex decision-making processes
  • Muddled decision-making responsibility
  • Staff frustration with decision-making practices
  • Lack of decision-making role clarity
  • Rehashing of decisions that have previously been “made”
  • Board leadership team and staff express concern about the quality and timelines of the organization’s decisions

A Solution with Measurable Results

The Decision Clarity solution includes four phases of interaction and is designed to build the capacity of an organization to achieve their mission and deliver results while preparing to scale.  Decision Clarity removes confusion and empowers every member of an organization to participate fully in its mission.  Through this process, EmpoweringWorkPractices helps organizations avoid decision-making uncertainty by:

  • Understanding the current decision-making process of our clients
  • Inventorying the top decisions at the three key employment levels
  • Investing appropriate decision-making responsibility throughout the client organization
  • Utilizing an inclusive and transparent process
  • Supporting ongoing clarity for all employees
  • Creating systems for oversight and advising on decision-making

Phase 1: Knowledge Development & Information Gathering

Phase Process/Methods:

  • Interviews with senior leadership
  • A web-based survey of the staff

Phase Deliverables/Outcomes:

  • Data about the current state of decision-making practices at the organization
  • Clear articulation of the organization’s commitment to the process

Phase Timing: 2-4 Weeks

Phase 2: Decision Clarity Workshop

Phase Process/Methods:

  • Background building with staff about the importance of decision-making
  • Engaging, dynamic, skills-based training on how to reach Decision Clarity

Phase Deliverables/Outcomes:

  • Staff prepared to participate in Decision Clarity solution
  • Staff empowered to advocate for appropriate decision-making roles

Phase Timing: 1 six-hour session or 2 three-hour sessions

Phase 3: Implementation & Consulting

Activities include:

  • Small group consulting with departments and teams
  • Creation and publication of Decision Clarity Grids

Phase Deliverables/Outcomes:

  • Agreement on the decision-making responsibilities for the most important decisions
  • Communication of decision-making roles

Phase Timing: 2-4 Weeks

Phase 4: Impact and Evaluation

3 months later
Activities include:

  • Repeat All-staff survey to measure gains in decision clarity
  • Follow-up interviews with staff and leadership team


  • Long-term Decision Clarity
  • Improved employee satisfaction and staff retention
  • Improved organizational stability

Learn more details about our process for helping your organization with Decision Clarity:
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