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Performance Clarity

Solution Overview

The Performance Clarity solution, currently in development, is designed for staff of small and medium-sized entrepreneurially oriented social sector and for-profit organizations. These organizations sometimes lack the resources they need, but EmpoweringWorkPractices (EWP) believes they can achieve their goals through utilization of our ground-breaking Performance Clarity solution. When deployed, this solution will make these organizations more nimble and decisive, and therefore increase the odds that they will achieve their entrepreneurial goals. We focus on two-way feedback between manager and staff.

Who needs Performance Clarity?

Organizations that might benefit from the Performance Clarity solution are those that experience one or more of the following:

  • Timing: Annual process is time-consuming and doesn’t provide a system for ongoing feedback
  • Rating Categories: Job responsibilities and Values descriptions too vague and don’t provide specific expectations for performance
  • Training: No consistent training for staff or managers on the process or feedback in general, resulting in little real interaction during reviews
  • Transparency: Not all aspects of the process were fully communicated to staff, creating fear, a sense of unfairness, and confusion
  • Forms:  Over-emphasize narrative and subjective over identifying strengths, development areas, and goals; not scalable
  • Development:  Process over-emphasizes one-time review vs. goal-setting, planning for the future, and supporting staff growth

About the Performance Clarity Solution

The four core empowering work processes for Performance Clarity are:

  1. Organizational Plan: How to ensure that roles and responsibilities clearly understood at all levels.
  2. Performance Agreement: How to clearly articulate expectations for each individual in each role.
  3. Performance Dialogue: Learning to give and receive honest feedback.
  4. Professional Development Plan: Creating a pathway to professional success for every individual.

Empowering Work Practices consults with organizations to develop a multi-phase roll-out of the Performance Clarity Practice that includes:

  • Information Gathering Phase: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current performance management practice?
  • Process Development: Collaborative design teams from across the organization work with EWP consultants to develop a customized Performance Clarity implementation plan based on our framework that will work in your organization.
  • Workshop: Skills-based training for all-staff on the new process
  • Evaluation and follow-up: EWP consultants work with your organization over a set period of time to ensure a successful transition to the new process.

Why Performance Clarity?

For many organizations, the existing review process doesn’t provide what the employees need.  To develop our Performance Clarity solution, we looked at:

  • What other organizations and companies are doing (e.g. Corporate Executive Board, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi)
  • Viewpoints from different business leaders on the relative value of a formal vs. informal performance management system
  • How a performance management system (largely an idea created for large industrial companies) can fit within an innovative, growing organization
  • What is missing from your organization in terms of how we work together, and what might fill that gap

Performance Clarity emphasizes:

  • Clear expectation-setting and links to operational plans
  • More frequent and direct conversations about each person’s performance
  • Supporting team member development
  • Simplicity and transparency