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Decision Clarity | Staff Survey

As part of our initial phase of interaction with a new client, EmpoweringWorkPractices conducts a survey of the entire staff in order to understand the current state of decision-making at the organization.

This data is then shared with staff during the Decision Clarity Workshop, and is used for planning and implementation of the Decision Clarity solution throughout our relationship with your organization.

Through the staff survey, you will learn:

  • The percentage of your employees who feel confused about the decisions they can make
  • How decision-making confusion has or might impact both personal and organizational performance
  • How decision-making confusion has or might impact staff morale, retention, and turnover
  • Where in your organization decision-making confusion is most impactful – among the leadership, the managers, or the general staff
EmpoweringWorkPractices | Decision Clarity Staff Survey Example

EWP Decision Clarity Staff Survey Example

EmpoweringWorkPractices also conducts interviews with senior leadership in your organization to gather qualitative data about how decision-making is currently impacting strategy and operations.

All survey results are documented and summarized in a detailed report that we will share with you and your organization. The example to the left represents the type of data and findings that we will prepare in our Staff Survey report.


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